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Summer Assignments

Parent Portal Login

If you did not sign up for Portal last school year, you will need to come to school to sign the release form to log in to the Portal site.When you do so, you will receive the activation code. Please contact us with any further questions.


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The State Library in cooperation with public libraries across the state is providing free online tutoring and academic resources from Tutor.com for all Louisiana students. Students get one-on-one help in Math, Science, Social Studies, or English from a live, qualified tutor. Tutors are available Sunday through Thursday 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. The SkillsCenter is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service can be accessed from a Louisiana public library or from a home computer by going to www.homeworkla.org

KidBiz and First in Math FAQs

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Now your child can improve his or her reading skills at home with the same great technology program we're using in school: KidBiz3000.
Each day, KidBiz3000 sends your child a current events article. Every student in the class gets the same basic article, but the content is customized to match each child's own reading level. The article comes with a variety of fun activities to improve your child's comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. As your child's reading level improves, KidBiz will increase the level of difficulty so he/she remains challenged and interested. Doing his or her best on the activities will ensure the best match between your child's ability and the content delivered each day. It is also important that your child's answers to the questions reflect work completed independently and without extra assistance.
Your child uses this program in class, but you can also share in the fun at home - or anywhere a computer is connected to the Internet. Here's how:
Log on to http://login.achieve3000.com the username and password given in class.
Encourage your child to follow these five easy steps:Step 1:Respond to the poll and e-mail.Step 2:Read the article.Step 3:Do the activity questions.Step 4:Vote in the poll.Step 5:Answer the thought question.
Explore other KidBiz features, including other articles, the Stock Market game, puzzles, and more.
We hope you enjoy exploring KidBiz with your child.

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Our Faculty/Staff for the 2015-2016 School Year are:
(click on the faculty member's name for their email)

Ms. Londa Foster- Principal

Ms. Mallorie Berthelot- Secretary & Ms. Connie Franklin- Account Clerk

Ms. Lauren Grillot and Mrs. Marilyn Morvant

Ms. Grillot's Wiki and Mrs. Morvant's Wiki

Mrs. Darlene LeBlanc and Mrs. Misty Ohmer

Kindergarten Wiki

Grade 1
Ms. Shannon Evans and Mrs. Lisa McElhannon

Ms. Evans' Wiki and Mrs. McElhannon's Wiki

Grade 2
Mrs. Michelle Adkins and Mrs. Kerry Tommeraas

Mrs. Adkins' Wiki

Mrs. Tommeraas' Wiki

Grade 3
Ms. Julie Kleppner and Ms. Melissa Brewer

Ms. Kleppner's Wiki and Mrs. Brewer's Wiki

Grades 4 and 5
Mrs. Jamie Covey,Ms. Shantelle Dozier Mrs. Christine Loyolaand Mrs. Peggy Gaffney

Mrs. Covey's Wiki, Ms. Dozier's Wiki
Mrs. Loyola's Wiki, and Mrs.Gaffney's Wiki

Social Studies Fair Wiki

Writing Wiki

Library Media Specialist
Mrs. Linda Drake

Library Wiki

Teacher of Gifted
Victoria Williams

Teacher of Talented Theater
Ms. Nancy Macko

Teacher of Talented Visual ArtsJohn Baldwin

French Teacher
Madame Janice Gibbs

School Nurse
Ms. Jacey Lindner

Ms. Gloria Brown

Ms. Washington

Physical Education
P. E. Wiki

Coach John Brooks

Coach Dean Tessitore